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Gedo Senki: Tales from Earthsea [Jul. 13th, 2006|04:15 pm]
Studio Ghibli Cosplay!


Well, everyone else beat me to it, but here's a post from the MODS, for once! XD

kiraqueen and I got in a big damn hurry and did Gedo Senki cosplay for Anime Expo, she as Prince Arren and I as Therru. We had a lovely time and no one knew who we were. XD But both being fans of the Earthsea books, we felt very well established in the characters, and ran headlong into the cardinal cosplay sin of cosplaying a character who isn't out yet. XD

So here we are!

More this way...

"Protect me..."

The burned girl...

Prince Arren of Enlad

We can't wait for the movie! =D

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